Studying Computer Science in Rostock

The use of software is so omnipresent these days that we often do not even recognize it anymore. Computer science is about the development and operation of software-controlled systems in various fields of application. Computer scientists are a sought-after professional group and may work in numerous sectors. Numerous universities and universities of applied sciences offer computer science educations.

Why studying computer science in Rostock?

University education with practical orientation

The University of Rostock offers various opportunities for studying computer science. One general objective of the offered bachelor study courses is the transfer of basic knowledge and skills, a subsequent master study course or a professional activity can build on. In addition to an education in the basic subjects, the education includes a practical training, a term abroad or a subsidiary education. The students mainly benefit from the broad curriculum which exceeds compulsory lectures and the quick integration of latest research results into the education in the master study courses and their specializations. He different learning and teaching forms promote and encourage the students’ individual initiative. They learn to autonomously acquire knowledge from a technical field, to perseveringly work on projects in a team and to critically deal with the consequences of using technology – skills that are important for the entire working life! Thus, the university computer science education offers good chances on the job market, but can also result into a dissertation or any other scientific career.

Decision for a specialization during the studies

For prospective students, the broad variety of possible application opportunities of computer science can be a curse and a savior at the same time as they allow numerous specializations, but also require the decision for one or a few specialization(s). In Rostock, prospective students may decide to study pure computer science or to choose one of the interdisciplinary study courses business informatics (with economics) and information technology/computer engineering (with electrical engineering) or to study a teaching profession. In addition, there is the specialized master study course Visual Computing.

When studying pure computer science, students decide for one specialization when starting their master studies. They have the opportunity to give their studies a special profile by following a course recommendation issued by the Institute of Computer Science towards the end of their bachelor or master studies. This additional profiling will be certified after a successful completion of the studies. Changing between the study courses is possible and will be agreed upon on individual basis.

Quality of teaching and possible supervisions

Particularly appreciated by the students are:

  • Qualified lecturers
  • Good supervisory relationship
  • Frequent contact between students and lecturers
  • No overcrowded lecture halls
  • Options in the course of the studies.

Relevant university rankings certify Rostock’s computer science study courses a good quality.

Embedding into research and business

The new Computer Science institute building is located on the University of Rostock’s Südstadt campus within close proximity to library, refectory, IT and media center and Fraunhofer Institute of Graphic Data Processing. There are mainly medium-size and small IT companies in Rostock and Rostock region, which offer practical training and job opportunities to students.

Important contact-making opportunities are the annual company evenings that take place at the Institute of Computer Science once a year.

... learning to love Germany’s Northeast

Those who prefer in smaller but cosmopolitan cities will find a perfect place in Rostock with its 200,000 inhabitants. Rostock is the Northeast of Germany’s economic and cultural center; an old university and Hanseatic city at the Baltic Sea coast with a vivid student life.

Study opportunities in Rostock