FAQ on studying computer science in Rostock

How and where can I enroll for studying computer science?

The enrollment is done by mail. A related instruction and information on all needed documents are provided here.

What do I have to do to get a place in a students’ residence?

Places in students’ residences are provided by the student union. All information are provided here.

Do I get a semester ticket and for which area does does it apply?

Every enrolled student gets a student identification card of the University of Rostock. It simultaneously serves as semester ticket. It is valid for the entire local transport on Rostock’s city territory (bus, tram, S-Bahn, ferries). It is allowed to take a bike on the ride.

I have a child. What child care offers during the studies are provided by the University of Rostock?

Information on the University of Rostock’s child care offers are provided here.

Studying with disabilities or chronical diseases at the Institute of Computer Science?

The new institute building provides bareer free access to all class rooms and laboratories. Contact persons for further advise and other information are provided here.

Are there semester fees?

Nes. There are no semester fees as such. Still, the university charges a contribution per term (less than 200 Euros) that includes the student union and student body fees.

I would like to change my study course of place of studying. What do I have to do?

No generally applicable answer can be given here. We recommend that you get in contact with the students’ secretariat or the departmental study advisor in charge.