Methodology: Data Science and Engineering


Data Science and Engineering develops methods for systematic analysis of large amounts of data and extracting structures, models and forecast of such data. This also includes the handling of large amounts of data that are generated with high bandwidth in distributed sensor environments. The science field is methodologically located at the interfaces between statistic data analysis, database-based data management, networked system and the methods of machine reading and artificial intelligence.


DurationFunding provided byTopic
2018-2021FirmenData Science, Big Data, Deep Learning
2017-2020DFGIntelligent Search Engine for Belief Legends
2017-2020DFGNoSQL Schema Evolution and Big Data Migration at Scale (DARWIN)
2018-2019FirmenDatenbankbasierte Big-Data-Analysen
2017-2019EFRESAMi - Aktivitätsassistenz (Verbund)
2016-2019BMBFReal-time Sensor Data Analysis Framework for Intelligent Assistance Systems (fast care),
sub-project: Distributed Inference Methods on Multi-Sensor Platforms

Research devices

DurationFunding provided byTopic
2017-2020DFGRostock Massive Data Research Facility