Bachelor study course Business Informatics

If industrial company, service company or public sector – there is hardly an organization that gets along without using information systems these days. The study course deals with basic principles, methods, models and tools for developing, applying and utilizing information and communication systems in business and administration.

The bachelor study course business informatics starts in winter term. It lasts 7 terms and is structured into compulsory and compulsory optional modules.

25 modules with a total scope of 168 credit points must be studied in the compulsory part. 15 credit points of these are allocated to the final examination that comprises of a final thesis (written bachelor thesis) and a colloquium. 15 more credit points of the compulsory part are allocated to the 12-weeks practical training that can be implemented after the completion of term 4 earliest.

Modules with a total scope of 42 credit points must be attended in the compulsory optional field.
210 credit points minimum in total must be acquired for passing the bachelor examination.


Departmental student advisor
Dr.-Ing. Anne Gutschmidt
Konrad Zuse Building, Room 349
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7435
eMail: anne.gutschmidtuni-rostockde

Examination board
Prof. Michael Fellmann
Konrad Zuse Building, Room 327
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7440
eMail: michael.fellmannuni-rostockde

Study Office & Examination Office
Mrs Daubner
A.-Einstein-Str. 26,
Room 005
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7005
eMail: win.iefuni-rostockde