Master study course Informational Technology/Computer Engineering

Intelligent and embedded digital systems require the interaction of hardware and software. The study course information technology/computer engineering provides the knowledge and methods needed for this, at the interface between electrical engineering and computer science. This study course is a joint offer of computer science and electrical engineering.

The master study course Informational Technology/Computer Engineering can be started in summer or in winter term. It lasts 3 terms and is structured into compulsory, compulsory optional and optional module.

3 modules with a total scope of 42 credit points must be studied in the compulsory field. Here, 30 credit points are allocated to the final examination that comprises of final thesis (written master thesis) and colloquium.

In the compulsory optional field (42 credit points in total), modules with a scope of 18 credit points each from the predefined module catalogues „Electrical engineering“ and „Computer science“ must be implemented. Furthermore, a module with a scope of 6 credit points has to be studied in the supplementary compulsory optional field.

In the elective field, a module with a scope of 6 credit points must be studied, which can be chosen from the non-technical module offer of the faculty or the university’s complete module offer.

The master study course Informational Technology/Computer Engineering is offered in German language. Single modules are implemented in English language, the related module examination included. The module offer is designed in a way that – with a certain limitations of options – the entire study course can be implemented in German language.


Departmental student advisor,
Examination board
Prof. Tobias Weber
Richard-Wagner-Str. 31, Building 8
18119 Rostock (Warnemünde)
Rom W: 8.228
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7310
eMail: tobias.weberuni-rostockde

Study Office & Examination Office
Mrs Björk-Pagel
A.-Einstein-Str. 26
Room 006
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7004
eMail: itti.iefuni-rostockde