Federal funded projects

Duration Funded by Topic
2019-2021 BMWi Siindus.net - Regelwerk und Analyse (SeBuNet)
2019-2021 BMWi Siindus.net - Innovatives Mapping-Werkzeug-Datenfusionsalgorithmen und Konsistenzprüfung (TopoTool)
2018-2021 BMWi Vitaldatenerfassung und Stresserkennung (TakeCare - SEBA)
2018-2021 BMBF Bioprocesses for the optimized, integrated production of butyl esters from sustainable resources (BESTER)
2016-2021 BMBF Structured Analysis and Integration of RNA-Seq Experiments (de.STAIR)
2017-2020 BMBF Therapy prediction through OCT and patients demographic data in the field of ophthalmology (TOPOs)
2017-2020 BMWi Sindabus-Sicherheitsanalyse
2017-2020 BMBF Assessing the risk of gut-brain cross-diseases (GB-XMAP)
2017-2020 BMBF Integrative, kollaborative Modellierung in der Systemmedizin (Verbund INCOME, TP 3)