Welcome to the Computer Science Division

Computer Science is the sciene of machine processing of information. It is the basis of our modern society and permeates all spheres of our life.
The Computer Science Division at the University of Rostock comprises the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute for Visual and Analytic Computing. They form the central institution for university research and teaching in the field of computer science in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 


The varied activites of the scientists at the Computer Science Division include basic research as much as application-oriented projects related to all  subject areas. The research at the institute is characterized by a high share of interdisciplinary issues resulting from the cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Faculty.


The Computer Science Division offers a practice-oriented and research-oriented study program. The study offers include the subjects Computer Science, business informatics and information technology/computer engineering, bachelor and master level each. Computer Science for teacher-training and the master Visual Computing complement the program.



University of Rostock
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Computer Science Division
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