Digitization is a topic that takes much space in public discussions these days and which is discussed from the technological and from the social point of view. The term digitization stands for intensive use of latest information technology developments, such as internet of things, mobile communication solutions, sensor technology or self-learning systems, merging real and digital world. This shall result into a creation of new services and products for consumers and into a modification of processes and structures in companies.

The Institute of Computer Science works, together with cooperation partners, on basic methods and technologies as well as on practical examples and solutions in this field. Specific fields of activities are digital business architectures, digital business models, infrastructure for processing large data streams (Big Data), process-oriented and event-driven, complex application systems and the integration of product IT into business architectures.

The current dilemma of the topic digitization is that solutions and success stories visible in public are often complex special applications of large enterprises and niche suppliers, but the majority of the companies and private persons have not related any practical use to the topic yet. More than half of the population feels left behind by digitization and many small and medium-sized enterprises are insecure if improvements can actually result from it. There is a need to demonstrate the everyday applicability of digitization solutions and their use. Some of the institute’s research activities are also related to this.