History of Computer Science in Rostock between 1990 and 1999

1990 Within the course of the university restructuring, the GDR section structure is repealed.
The section of Computer Science becomes the department of Computer Science.
Department speaker: Prof. Dr. K. Hantzschmann

The computer center as central service institution becomes independent.

Accession of the department of Computer Science to coastal informatics (merging of the departments of Computer Science of the universities of Kiel, Hamburg, Bremen and Oldenburg)

26th October: Opening of the education and consulting center
The company IBM provides a PS/2 pool.
1991 28th February: Festive presentation of a HP computer donation to the department of Computer Science

Transfer of a new Computer Science building in April

The coastal informatics conference takes place in Rostock from 23 to 25 May.

7th June: Admission of the Department of Computer Science as full member into the Fakultätentag (Faculty Association) Computer Science of the Federal Republic of Germany

Newly designed study course informatics (without admission restrictions) from October on

12th November: Ceremonial opening and inauguration of an Apple Macintosh Pool

Successful evaluation of the department of Computer Science by the science council

Foundation of the associated institutes ZGDV and FhG/IGD in Rostock

Establishment of the student council of the department of Computer Science
1992 New formation of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Establishment of the institute structure in the department of Computer Science
1995 Successful evaluation of the study course Computer Science in the Northern Association

Plenary assembly of Faculty Association Computer Science takes place in Rostock.

First pupils contest together with ZGDV / FhG on the topic "An image says more than thousand words" – Computer Graphics at school
1996 13th June: Granting of the honorary doctorate of the Faculty for Engineering Sciences to Prof. Dr. J. L. Encarnação

Introduction of the study course Business Informatics

Improvement of the technical conditions for the members of the department of Computer Science via the installation of a 34 Mbit connection to the B-WIN (German Broadband Science Network) at the university’s computer center
1997 Introduction of the international study course Business Informatics
1998 Introduction of the study course Information Technology/Computer Engineering

Establishment of the postgraduate program "Processing, Administrating, Visualization and Transfer of Multimedia Data - Technical Basics and Social Implications"

Prof. K. Hantzschmann is appointed as chair of the Faculty Association Computer Science of Germany