Brief presentation master study course Computer Science International

Knowledge and competences for working in academic and industry professional fields are taught in the master study course computer science. The students select modules from the key areas "Information Systems" and "Complex Systems" and choose one of the key areas as their specialization.

An examplary master study procedure comprises of 4 terms. Individual deviations are possible and common.

Study course contents and process

Term 1 -3

  • The students select from the key subject area offer they intend to specialize in modules with an overall extent of 24 credit points.

Provision of overview knowledge on other topics:

  • The students select modules with a content of 12 credit points out of offers from the other key area and two other modules that have not already been chosen (12 credit points).
  • The students attend two non-technical elective modules from the University of Rostock’s total offer (12 credit points).

The students work with research and developments in computer science (presentation and module paper) and implement a project work (6 credit points each).

Term 4
Master thesis:
The topic can be freely chosen by the student and is agreed upon with the supervisor and the reviewers.

Examination performance and graduation

  • Most of the modules are completed with an marked examination.
  • After successfully completing a module, the student gets credit points (ECTS). These shall display the workload related to the module.
  • For completing the master studies successfully, students have to achieve 120 credit points minimum.

A detailed description of the master study course Computer Science (examination and study regulations included) are provided here.

Perspectives after graduation

  • The M.Sc. Computer Science qualifies for managing engineering works and offers various job perspectives, for instance related to software development and in the IT service sector.
  • The M.Sc. Computer Science enables a subsequent dissertation.

A more autonomous scientific work than those of computer science bachelor graduates is expected from master graduates. They autonomously implement development and research work in industry or research institutions and take over management tasks.

Term start:
Every term
Duration of studies:
4 terms
Form of studies:
Full-time studies;
part-time studies possible
Credit points:
120 ECTS
Master of Science
Teaching language:
English and German


Departmental student advisor, Examination board
Prof. Gero Mühl
Konrad Zuse Building
Room 268
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7630
eMail: gero.muehluni-rostockde

Study Office & Examination Office
Mrs Daubner
A.-Einstein-Str. 26
Room 005
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7005
eMail: in.iefuni-rostockde