User account

Apply for an user account
User Account - Duration and deletion of data
  • User accounts are created upon request.

  • Duration for students
  • The duration of the user account for students is linked to the existence of an account at the IT and Media Center. Once a year a comparison takes place. Accounts that no longer exist in the IT and Media Center will be blocked.

  • Duration for employees and guests of Computer Science Institutes
  • The duration of the user account is determined in consultation with the respective chair holder. There will be an annual check, and the account will be blocked if necessary.

  • Deletion of data
  • The deletion of the user account as well as the associated data takes place 90 days after the blocking of the user account.

Home directory

The user gets a home directory on a file server with his account where account related configuration data can be stored. The user may store even data generated by him/herself in this directory.

Your account is blocked?
  • User accounts can be blocked automatically or by the IT manager in charge if unauthorized or improper use of the system is suspected or detected.

  • We kindly ask you to contact the systems engineer in charge.
Changing your password or password forgotten
  • You may change your password inside the Computer Science-LAN via web interface at

  • In case of forgotten passwords we kindly ask you to contact the systems engineer in charge or Ms. Erdmann in room 264.
Password was passed without authorisation or spied out

We kindly ask you to change your password immediately and inform the staff in charge of the systems affected (systems engineers) who may even support you with the defense against possible attacks on your account.

Deactivating the user account
  • When you finalize your studies or work at the university, we kindly ask you to pass on the relevant data to the supervisor or superior in charge. All data stored in your home directory will be deleted with the deactivation.

  • We kindly ask you to unsubscribe your accounts in special systems first by contacting the systems engineer you received the account from.