Instructions for working with GitLab

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System Wiki of the Computer Science Division

This wiki serves as information platform related to the technical and organizational infrastructure at the Computer Science Division.

Activation of a firewall port

For activating the ports on the IFI firewall, please, contact your relevant system engineer at the field or institute (related application forms are available here, too).

Peripheral devices available to staff members and students

The printers are named by type code and room number:  

  • lj Laser Jet
  • clj Color Laser Jet
  • oj Office Jet
  • dj Desk Jet
  • ojf Office Jet with Fax  

Example: lj213 - Laser printer in room 213


For saving the amounts of data at the Computer Science Division, the backup solution of the University of Rostock’s IT and Media Centre is used.

Currently, the data are backed-up on a daily basis from 11 p.m.

Especially data are saved in up to 3 versions.

Important: Thus, files that are modified daily disappear from the backup after three days with their third latest version!

For backup system data administration reasons, some special files and directories are excluded from saving in the backup system.

NTP-Server (Net Time Protocol)

There are two NTP servers at the Computer Science Division. These are accessible via the following aliases:     (to be used mainly for server and desktop systems)     (to be used mainly for mobile systems)  

It is recommended to use the NTP server ntp2 for mobile systems as it can also be reached from the internet. In addition, external time servers can be used for mobile systems.