History of Computer Science in Rostock from 2000 on

2000 Commissioning of Germany‘s first university-wide used wireless computer communication network available all over the university
2001 Foundation of the INFO.RO - Informatics Forum Rostock (registered association)

Support of additional regional and supra-regional initiatives aiming to promote informatics as science
2002 Prof. Dr. A. Heuer becomes the speaker of the department of Computer Science.

Introduction of the study course Computational Engineering
2004 Establishment of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
The long term department's speaker Prof. K. Hantzschmann becomes the dean.

The department of Computer Science is turned into the Institute of Computer Science.
Institute director: Prof. Dr. A. Heuer
2006 Year of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuer becomes the dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Three out of four DFG postgraduate programs of the faculty are allocated to the Institute of Computer Science.
The Institute of Computer Science is involved into two out of five state research focuses.

The ranking published by the Centre for University Development (CHE) on 4 May 2006 in the journal „Zeit“ places Rostock's Computer Science on position 4 among 74 universities.

First Computer Science gala event "Dreams of the future" at the Theater of Putbus in the context of the Year of Computer Science
2008 Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering reaches top positions in the student ranking

18th July: Groundbreaking for the mathematics-natural sciences campus of the University of Rostock

Internet-based junior study course is started.
2009 5th June: Groundbreaking for the new building of the Institute of Computer Science with computer center and audiovisual media center (photos)
Planned completion: 2011
Investment: 21.3 Million Euros
Usable area: ca. 4.200 sqm

Festive ceremony 25 years Computer Science and 40 year Computer Graphics in Rostock

Further education for teachers is completely put into the hands of the Institute of Computer Science.
2010 Prof. Dr. P. Forbrig becomes new director of the institute.

21st April: Topping out ceremony for the new building

Prolongation of the postgraduate program MuSAMA

Insolvency of the IT Science Center in Putbus
2011 Handing over and moving into the new building together with computer center (ITMZ)

22nd August: Solemn inauguration (photos)
2012 The Computer Science study courses are ranked among the Top 7 in Germany and without a red dot in the CHE ranking for the first time

Three fabulous days on the occasion of „Zuse Z3“ at the Konrad Zuse Building, with more than 1,000 visitors and live TV broadcast

Winner of the European programming championship: A student team from Rostock becomes Northwest champion and beats all German universities of excellence as well as locations as Cambridge and Oxford
2013 Baltic Olympiad in Computer Science takes place at the Konrad Zuse Building

Reform of the bachelor and master study courses aiming to increase flexibility via generic models
2014 DAAD Science Tour with 28 scientists from 17 countries at the Konrad Zuse Building, topic "Modelling the future – Understanding global challenges via computer-based modelling and simulation", Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Adeline Uhrmacher

Business informatics study courses evaluated as very good in the CHE ranking

New profiles in Computer Science study courses are introduced
2016 Prof. Thomas Kirste becomes new director of the institute.