Freshers’ week

Studying – where do I get started? With a timetable.
Where do I get that?
Questions of interest for every prospective student. Answers to these questions and to questions you have not even asked are given in the freshers’ week.

Information for freshers

Freshers' brochure for all study courses at the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

What is the Freshers' week?

The freshers' week is an offer for first term students. It is the best opportunity to get to know fellow-students, an introduction into study organization and a foretaste of students’ life. Those who still search for an accommodation meet housing providers that offer good flats short-term on the campus day.

Which information do I get during the Freshers' week?

All important steps to be taken before starting studies are explained in the freshers' week. What courses do I have to take? How can I register for a course? How do I register for an examination? Still, further questions will arise when studying. Answers are given by the mentoring program. A division into mentoring groups is also made during the freshers' week.