Registration for examinations

The registration for examinations is done online at the University of Rostock. It must be considered here that registrations for examinations and cancellations can only be made in certain periods of time. These periods will be announced in good time. Furthermore, the student office will send an email reminder to your university email account in the week prior to registration period.

1. Go to the website and register with the university account. Click point “Prüfungsverwaltung” on the left side. You can register for examinations here, get an overview on registered examinations and consult your examination results.


Study Office
Mrs Daubner
A.-Einstein-Str. 2
Room 015a/016
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7005
Fax: +49(0)381 - 498 7008
eMail: rena.daubneruni-rostockde

2. In the appearing central menu, click the link "Prüfungsan- und – abmeldung" and confirm the subsequent dialogue.
3. Open the folder and click, for instance,"Pflichtmodule".

4. Select a module and click "Prüfung anmelden". Afterwards, a security query is displayed. This must be confirmed.
5. The examination for this module is registered, a confirmation email will be sent.
Still, it is recommendable to check the application status again the day after.