Accounts, Refectory card etc.

Studying includes library visits, the access to Stud.IP (the study-accompanying internet portal of the University of Rostock), but also lunches at the refectory. Learn here, what IDs, accounts and cards you will need to make use of these opportunities.

Student identification card

The student identification card is send by the student office by mail every term. It serves for authentication, for applying for various cards and accounts, from summer term 2017 as university library ID and as local transport ticket. The student ID card should always be carried.

User account at the university

The user account of the university is send by mail with the enrollment documents. It must be activated according to the provided instructions.
With activating the user account, several network services of the university and all public PC laboratories of the university can be used. Furthermore, a personal email address will be provided.
Furthermore, 100 GB storage place as home directory are available for every user.

User account at the institute of computer science

A user account at the institute of computer science is used to log into the institute's network computers. This can be necessary within the course of practical exercises in some lectures during the first terms or within the context of student works in advanced semesters. There is the Linux pool 219 at the Konrad Zuse Building in the institute's LAN as well as the specialist laboratories of the single computer science chairs.

To apply for a user account, this form must be completely filled in and sent by e-mail to the Institutes of Computer Science:  account-csuni-rostockde. The output of the account is also done electronically.

Chip card with access and copy function

The chip card can be applied at the ITMZ information center on the ground floor of the Konrad Zuse Building. The student's ID card, a photo ID and an activated university user account are needed for the application. The chip card can be used for using the printer/copying machine/scanner of the university or to get access to university buildings, rooms or parking spaces.

Refectory card

Little time, and a long queue at the refectory cash point?
The refectory card will help you with this. It can be applied outside the peak periods (means: not during the lunch break) at the refectory cash points. You need your student ID card plus 10 Euros as card deposit for this application. The loading onto the refectory card is done at the machines located in the entrance halls of all university refectories.