Admission requirements

Precondition for accessing the master study course business informatics is a bachelor degree in business informatics, computer science or another equivalent degree.

30 credit points minimum in economics and 15 credit points in mathematics must be proven. 6 credit points in economics and 6 credit points in mathematics maximum can be achieved within the course of the first year of studying.

If the bachelor study course was completed with 180 credit points minimum, but less than 210 credit points, the missing 30 credit points must be achieved before registering for the master thesis.

German language skills at level C1 and English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference must be proven.


Departmental student advisor, Examination board
Prof. Michael Fellmann
Konrad Zuse Building, Room 327
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7440
eMail: michael.fellmannuni-rostockde

Study Office & Examination Office
Mrs Daubner
A.-Einstein-Str. 26,
Room 005
Phone: +49(0)381 - 498 7005
eMail: win.iefuni-rostockde