Profile during the studies

Students have the opportunity to give their studies a specific profile by following a process recommendation issued by the Institute of Computer Science in term 5 to 7 of their bachelor studies and/or advances master studies.

In the bachelor studies, the different options related to the compulsory modules in term 6 and 7 as well as in the compulsory optional modules in term 5 and the elective modules in term 7 are coordinated with each other and put in relation to a job perspective. In the master studies, recommendations for attending modules in the compulsory optional fields "Spezialisierung", "Vertiefte Spezialisierung", "Überblick" and "Ergänzung" are given.

Thus, students can develop into a specialist for maritime informatics, media informatics, computational demography, complex systems, theoretical computer science, information systems or geoinformatics.

The profiling will be certified after graduation, with a certificate the students get together with their bachelor or master certificate.