In the compulsory field, 5 modules with a scope of 54 credit points must be studied. 30 credit points of these are allocated to the final examination that comprise of final thesis (written master thesis) and colloquium. Furthermore, the modules “Introduction into visual computing”, “Research topics in computer science” and the literature project and software project belong to the compulsory field. The module “Research topic of computer science” are not graded but assessed with “passed” or “not passed”.

Modules with a scope of 42 credit points must be attended in the compulsory elective field. These modules are structured into the two compulsory optional fields “Visual computing” with 24 credit point and “Overview computer science” with 18 credit points.

Modules with a scope of 24 credit points must be studied in the elective field. The elective field is divided into the elective fields “Fundamentals of computer science” and “Applications and non-technical subjects”, with modules of a scope of 12 credit points each. The modules of the elective field are not graded but assessed with “passed” or “not passed”. Accordingly, they are not part of the final mark.