Informational Technology/Computer Engineering B.Sc. - Term 5 to 7

In term 5, the compulsory modules "Embedded systems" and "measuring technology and analog circuits" must be studied. In addition, a selection between the modules „Theoretical electrical engineering 1“ and „Logic“ must be made in the compulsory optional field „Others“ with a scope of 6 credit points.

In term 6, there is the compulsory module "Statistic signal processing and inference".

In term 7, for the study course with work placement, a 12-weeks practical training (15 credit points) must be implemented. The practical training will is not graded but assessed with "passed" or "not passed". Thus, it is not included into the final mark.
For a study course without work placement, another non-faculty elective module (6 credit points), another module from the compulsory optional field “Key area” with 6 credit points and the seminar B.Sc. ITCE (3 credit points) must be attended.
Furthermore, there is the module bachelor thesis comprising of the final thesis and the colloquium in term 7.

In term 5 and 6 (or in term 7 without work placement), modules with a total scope of 51 credit points without work placement or 57 credit points with work placement must be studied in the compulsory optional section "Key area". The work placement (15 credit points) or the seminar ITTI (3 credit points) are among the compulsory optional section.
A differentiation between the key areas electrical engineering and computer science is made. 12 credit points each must be achieved in both key areas.