Compulsory optional section Computer Science M.Sc.

The compulsory optional field includes the fields „Specialization“ (12 credit points), „Deepened specialization“ (12 credit points), „Overview“ (12 credit points) and „Supplement“ (6 credit points).

For the fields „Specialization“, „Deepened specialization“ and „Overview“ the choice between modules from three key subject areas can be made. For the field “Supplement”, modules from three related subject areas can be chosen.

Key subject areas:

  • Models and algorithms
  • Information systems
  • Smart Computing

Related subject areas:

  • Business Informatics
  • Visual Computing
  • Information technology/Computer engineering

All modules of key or related subject areas have a scope of 6 credit points.

We kindly ask you to consider the following limitations when selecting the modules:

  1. In the fields „Specialization“ and „Deepened specialization“ the same key subject area must be chosen.
  2. In the field „Overview“, the modules from those two key subject areas must be chosen that where not selected into the field “Specialization”.
  3. In the field “Supplement”, either a key subject area that differs from the subject area chosen in the field “Specialization” must be chosen or one of the three related subject areas.