The research of the Chair of Software Engineering focuses on core problems related to the longevity of systems. Software systems need to be updated when the technologies they are based on are modernized. In this context, "software comprehension" is a central hurdle, referring to the question of how existing software systems can be effectively understood by developers. Software systems also need to be adapted when user requirements change. User-oriented design approaches such as Human-Centered Design contribute to a better understanding of the application context.

New developments, such as the increasing industrial use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), pose additional challenges for software longevity. ML/AI holds the promise that software can autonomously adapt to changing circumstances to some extent in the future. One of the key questions here is how software development must change when incorporating ML/AI components. Additionally, it is important to understand and harness the enormous potential that ML/AI technologies offer in order to improve the development of long-lasting software itself.

In our research, we particularly utilize techniques of model-based software development, empirical methods in software engineering, human-computer interaction, as well as tools for the construction and analysis of software systems. 

In terms of teaching, the Chair provides the fundamentals of software engineering, covering analysis, design, implementation, testing, and utilization of software systems. We offer advanced courses on topics such as the construction of domain-specific languages using model-based techniques or software engineering for AI-based systems. Additionally, we provide courses on interaction design and requirements engineering.

In seminars and thesis projects, we convey the latest findings from the research field. For more information on student work at the Chair, you can refer to the proposed topics or reach out to one of the staff members.


Chair for Software Engineering

18059 Rostock
Albert-Einstein-Str. 22
Rooms 264 - 267, 272, 275

Tel.: +49 381-498 7621 (Secretariat)
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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Regina Hebig takes over the professorship of Software Engineering at the University of Rostock.