Data compression is the process of encoding the bits structure such that they occupy less space on disk. With regard to the need for fast communication of data and reduction in costs, development of new data compression methods is of great importance.  Moreover, the huge growth in utilization rate of instant messaging networks and smartphones, in addition to the advent of new forms of communication systems such as vehicular, satellite and wireless communications causes the need for lossless compression algorithms to be felt more than ever. 

With regard to the mentioned issues we proposed Artificial Intelligence based Method for Compression of Short Strings (AIMCS), which is specifically designed for compression of strings with the size of less than 160 characters (tiny strings). In order to evaluate its performance, we utilized it for compression of ASCI and Unicode strings and the achieved results show that AIMCS provides better performance in comparison to LZW and Huffman methods.

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Name Affiliation E-mail
Masoud Abedi Thünen Institue of Baltic Sea Fisheries/ University of Rostock
Mohammadreza Pourkiani University of Rostock



Abedi, M., Malekpour, A., Luksch, P. and Mojtabaei, M.R., 2017. A Method for Compression of Short Unicode Strings. In In: 3rd International Conference on Computer Science Networks and Information Technology. (pp. 141-150).

Abedi, M. and Pourkiani, M., 2020, January. AIMCS: An Artificial Intelligence based Method for Compression of Short Strings. In 2020 IEEE 18th World Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI) (pp. 311-318). IEEE.