New Website for (Online) Learning: Programming in C++

At the moment, many lecture and events are canceled, why not using the time and learn something new.

More and more students and pupils are learning how to program. Thereby, it is a recommended method to gain practical experience with many program examples. A new website supports this - based on the programs that have been used for many years in classroom studies at the University of Rostock, a portal has now been created that is particularly suitable for self-study. So if you want to learn programming in C++, you can start here. This website is in German only.

ER2019: Query Rewriting in NoSQL Databases

The publication "Query Rewriting for Continuously Evolving NoSQL Databases" has been accepted for the  38th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2019)  which will take place in November 2019 in Salvador, Brazil. The article introduces a query rewriting algorithm for NoSQL-Databases which underly continuesly schema evolutions and apply a lazy data migration approach. More information on the ER conference can be found here (ER conference 2019).


DFG project " NoSQL Schema Evolution and Big Data Migration at Scale" presented on the SIGMOD in Amsterdam

[Translate to English:] SIGMOD 2019

This year's SIGMOD conference took place in Amsterdam with 1051 participants. The current research results of the DFG project "NoSQL Schema Evolution and Big Data Migration at Scale" could be presented to the international database community in the demo program of this conference. Further information on this publication and the conference can be found here (SIGMOD 2019).