Admission requirements

Precondition for an enrollment in the master study course computer science is a bachelor degree in computer science or an equivalent degree.

For applicants who do not have one of these degrees, the following regulation applies:

Applicants with a bachelor degree in a subject related to computer science or in a natural science subject (e.g. electrical engineering, mathematics or physics) or in an economic subject (e.g. economics) can be admitted for the master study course computer science if they are able to prove 45 credit points in computer science in total and 12 of these in theoretical computer science and 18 credit points in mathematics minimum. In these cases, the decision on admission in taken by the examination board. 75 credit points in computer science in addition to the credit points to be achieved in the master study course must be proven when registering for the master thesis latest. The credit points to be achieved parallel to the studies must be imposed as condition when giving the admission. The sum (i) of credit points from the bachelor degree and (ii) possible credit points achieved in addition to the bachelor for getting the admission and (iii) the credit points achieved as condition in the aforementioned way must amount 210 credit points in total. Otherwise, the difference will be imposed as additional condition with the admission. If the imposed conditions exceed 30 credit points in total, no enrollment can take place. The examination board determines the modules to be attended for fulfilling the conditions in communication with the applicant and depending on the intended specialization


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