Compulsory optional section Computer Science International M.Sc.

The compulsory optional field includes the fields „Specialization“ (24 credit points), „Complement“ (12 credit points), „Individual Specialization“ (12 credit points).

The master's program in Computer Science International can be studied in one of the two following specializations

  • Information Systems or
  • Complex Systems.

For the field „Specialization“, in the chosen specialization 4 modules and the associated area seminar (6 credit points) are mandatory.

In the field „Complement“, 2 modules from the not selected specialization must be chosen.

In the field „Individual Specialization“ (12 credit points), all modules that have not already been chosen for the fields „Specialization“ and „Complement“ as well as suitable modules from the master's courses in Business Informatics and Visual Computing of the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering can be taken.