Virtuelles Seminar zum Thema "Conceptual Modelling for Simulation"


Topic: Virtual Seminar "Conceptual Modelling for Simulation" by Stewart Robinson
Time: Feb 11, 2021 03:00 PM Budapest

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Conceptual modelling is the abstraction of a simulation model from the part of the real world it is representing; in other words, choosing what to model, and what not to model.  This is generally agreed to be the most difficult, least understood, but probably the most important activity to be carried out in a simulation study.  In this seminar we will explore the definition, requirements and approach to conceptual modelling.  We will start by introducing the problem of conceptual modelling and then go on to define the term ‘conceptual model’, to identify the artefacts of conceptual modelling, and to discuss the purpose and benefits of a conceptual model.  We will also briefly discuss a framework for conceptual modelling.


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