Doctoral seminar

The doctoral students‘ seminar provides an overview on current dissertation projects at the Institute of Computer Science and gives doctoral candidates the opportunity to present their achievements, open questions and the intended further strategy to a wider public after one or two years of research to get deliberate feedback on the own research and research progress.

20.11.2017 Albert Hein
Oliver Reinhardt
Empirical Methods for Computational Behaviour Analysis
A Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Simulating Linked Lives
24.07.2017 Meisam Booshehri Towards Linked Data enabled Ontology Learning from Text
17.07.2017 Torsten Liebke
Ronny Tredup
Partial Order Reduction und Strukturelle Analyse im Bereich Model Checking
Synthesis of Elementary Net Systems
10.07.2017 Felix Timm
Nikolaj Troels Graf von Malotky
A Method for Developing Reference Enterprise Architectures
Generische ITS-Softwarearchitektur & -framework
19.06.2017 Sherry Freiesleben
Markus Wolfien
Regulatory Network Construction Based on Microarray Analysis and Database Integration
Customized workflow development and data integration concepts in Systems Medicine
12.06.2017 Christian Wernecke
Oliver Reinhardt
Publish-Subscribe: Dissemination of notifications by applying SDN
A Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Simulating Linked Lives
29.05.2017 Samaneh Rashidibajgan
Dennis Marten
Secure and Privacy Preserving Routing in Opportunistic Networks
Big Data Analytics für die effiziente Aktivitätserkennung und -vorhersage in Assistenzsystemen
15.05.2017 Max Schröder
Tom Warnke
Lifted Inference Methods for Computational State Space Models
Internal Domain-specific Languages for Modeling and Simulation