Publications Publications — Replaying tool experiments in a Web browser

by Niels Lohmann

Abstract. In many fields of science, the quality and applicability of presented approaches heavily relies on experimental results. At the same time, such experiments are only described briefly and are often boiled down to a single diagram or table. To maintain high scientific standards, experiments need to be transparent and repeatable. This not only provides a deeper understanding in the used tools, but also facilitates the improvement and comparison of approaches. This paper introduces, a Web site which allows to replay experiments in a Web browser. This gives colleagues and reviewers the possibility to get detailed information on the experimental setup without the need of actually installing tools. The Web site further offers the used tools and the input data for download together with information on how to repeat the experiments locally.

Appeared as peer-reviewed workshop paper in Proceedings of the Business Process Management 2010 Demonstration Track (BPMDemos-2010), Hoboken, NJ, USA, September 14-16, 2010.