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Realizability is Controllability

by Niels Lohmann and Karsten Wolf

Abstract. A choreography describes the interaction between services. It may be used for specification purposes, e.g. serving as a contract in the design of an interorganizational business process. Typically, not all describable interactions make sense which motivates the study of the realizability problem for a given choreography. In this paper, we show that realizability can be traced back to the problem of controllability which asks whether a service has compatible partner processes. This way of thinking makes algorithms for controllability available for reasoning about realizability. In addition, it suggests alternative definitions for realizability. We discuss several proposals for defining realizability which differ in the degree of coverage of the specified interaction.

Appeared as unreviewed workshop paper in Proceedings of the 1st Central-European Workshop on Services and their Composition, ZEUS 2009, Stuttgart, Germany, March 2-3, 2009.