Page & Plant at Rock Over Germany, Lüneburg, 95/6/18

The schedule on that day was

Page/Plant set list

  1. Wanton Song
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Thank You
  4. Whole Lotta Love (with Theramin solo)
  5. No Quarter
  6. Gallows Pole
  7. Hurdy-gurdy Solo (Nigel Eaton)
  8. Yallah
  9. Since I've Been Loving You
  10. The Song Remains The Same
  11. Friends
  12. Calling To You
  13. Four Sticks
  14. In The Evening
  15. No encore, instead Bring It On Home (from CD/tape)

Miscellania, Trivia

Sheryl Crow played ``D'yer Maker'' and dedicated it to ``The band we all love: Led Zeppelin''. The song was played as on the Ecomium album. She altered some lyrics of ``All I Wonna Do..'' to include ``hearing Led Zeppelin'' in the set of things she has fun with ;-)

The whole Sheryl Crow band and Dream Theater and a lot of other people were watching the show from seats in the backround corner of the stage.

There was a Greenpeace poster on stage near the drum kit/riser during the P/P performance about the Shell off-shore platform and the pollution of the northern sea.

Radio and TV Broadcast

A german TV channel (NDR) taped the second part of the show. There were several live broadcasts on radio (NDR2) too, and at least three reports from the whole festival on TV (N3, ARD). Aside from backstage footage, there were only two songs from the P&P show: Four Sticks, In The Evening/Carouselambra.

Since their program is addressed to an average audience, they concentrated on guys like Elton John, Eros Ramazotti and Rod Stewart :-( I must admit, I would have been surprised, if they had broadcast the 25 minutes Calling To You jam!

We might expect a bootleg from that show soon ;-)