The conference WG 2007 continues the series of 32 previous WG's. Since 1975, it took place twenty times in Germany, four times in the Netherlands, twice in Austria as well as once in Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, France and in Norway.

The conference aims at uniting theory and practice by demonstrating how graph-theoretic concepts can be applied to various areas in Computer Science, or by extracting new problems from applications. The goal is to present recent research results and to identify and explore directions of future research. The conference is well-balanced with respect to established researchers and young scientists.

WG 2007 will be held in Dornburg near Jena. From far away the visitor will see the three palaces towering 90m high above the Saale Valley, as one approaches from Jena or Naumburg. The parks around the palaces, the walking trails along the bastions are simply unique. Dornburg is over 1000 years old and its medieval town centre tells of its interesting past.